3 Wolf Moon Adult Long

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Product description

  • 100% Cotton
  • Colour is spread directly onto the fibers
  • Design will not wash away nor fade (dye enters the fiber)
  • Long lasting color (years)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Oekotex Certificate (free of chemicals harmful to body)



Most manufacturers use petrol (plastic) inks which stick to the surface of the T-shirts. These inks create a rough surface and contain toxic phthalates. But our T-shirts are different! They are printed with the finest water-based inks, which guarantee a beautiful 3D effect. The colour is spread directly onto the fibres, so it doesn't wash off.


Our shirts are made of 100% cotton (even the fiber holding the T-shirt together is cotton). If you follow the washing instructions (cold water, 30ºC) not only the T-shirt keeps its original proportions, but the motif lasts for many years.


The Mountain products have 100% Oekotex certificate (one of the highest standards in the world) which guarantees that the T-shirts don’t contain any chemicals harmful to the human body.

The Environment

Our T-shirts are printed with water-based colours and inks which are enviromentally friendly. All manufacturing processes ensure the protection of our Earth, air and water.

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Payment information

  • Paid by credit or debit card (in advance) - free 
  • Cash On Delivery - 1€
  • Free shipping on orders over 35 €

If the goods did not fit nor meet your expectations, you can easily return it within 100 days. You can either return the product and we will exchange it for another one (you don’t pay any postage for the second delivery) or you can return the product and we will refund the money to your bank account.

Size chart

How do the T-shirts fit?
T-shirts with long sleeves are cut loose and can be on a half size/size bigger. We recommend measuring at home or to choose a smaller size than you wear normally. Even ladies should not be scared to wear T-shirts with long sleeves as they are really comfortable and look great with jeans or narrow trousers.

Can I exchange the product for another size?
Of course, if any kind of clothes does not fit, feel free to return or exchange it for another size.

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