Our values

Satisfaction and humaneness.

Behind everything we do at Dedoles lies the effort to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, employees, suppliers and business partners. Every customer is our most important customer and we will always do 100% for their satisfaction.

Self-realization and originality.

Just as everyone finds their Dedoles piece at our online store, which will help them express their true SELF as well as what they really like... We want Dedoles employees to be happy at work, to feel that they are doing something meaningful and something what they enjoy doing most. This is how we can improve the company, its processes and our teamwork, while increasing the positive impact of Dedoles, which we can then project onto our customers.



We constantly strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. We do not accept the status quo, we like to try new things and look for new solutions in order to bring you the best and most original shopping experience. When many people who care meet, they can improve everything and grow together.