Perfect Dedoles team

Almost 70 women work in Dedoles.

Miška is a zero-waste freak and book lover, Simona collects coasters, Kika loves art, Gabika has a superpower of convincing people, Dominika is a multiple Slovak champion in dance, Jana loves good food, Aďa loves to bike, Eva has different hair color every week ...

We are different, but together we make a perfect team!

We have the same chances, the same options.

What does this mean to us in Dedoles?

♥ Same chances for everyone

♥ Equality is commonplace for us

♥ Equal pay

♥ We have a right to express our opinions freely

♥ Freedom in everything

♥ Mutual decision-making 

There is no doubt that women have an excellent ability to manage. That's why we have up to 80% of women in team leadership positions and it works great. Management accounts for 46% of women, so there is still room for improvement :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear Women, Seize Your International Women's Day! :rose: