Our vision...

... is to make the world a better place. This is the goal we have been striving towards since 2012. We love the environment and trying to change society in a positive way. That's why we support the protection of the environment and handmade crafts. We always want to exceed the expectations of our customers. We are more than just an online store – we are a community which consists of thousands of satisfied customers and fans.

Nature comes first

The environment is and always will be our utmost priority. It is our long-term commitment to both protect the environment and enable other people to join our efforts. We are continuously seeking eco-friendly products created through sustainable processes, supporting projects which focus on the protecting the environment and regularly informing our customers of the beauty of nature. As a company we also recycle as much as possible :-).

Our T-shirts are certified by the Oeko-Tex 100 (which proves that they are harmless to health). The T-shirts are printed with organic water-based dyes which ensure that their printing looks incredibly realistic and will last a long time. The dyes are applied directly to the T-shirt's cotton fibres. We also offer other ecological products – our candles are made of soya, socks made from bamboo and soaps which are made from herb and do not contain preservatives. Our pencils can grow and eco bags could spare thousands of plastic bags.

Honest cooperation

One of the main goals we have had since 2016 is to extend our collaboration with local manufacturers and craftsmen. High-quality products are not only environmentally friendly, they are also increasingly popular amongst customers.

David has been creating the survival bracelets since he was 17 years old. We were captivated by his skills and persistence. Despite his handicap, he continues to improve his products. He is brimming with honesty and kindness so we are honoured to work with him and make it possible for him to develop his talent. Survival bracelets are already worn by hundreds of our customers. Watch David's story.


Thanks to the cooperation of the VLK (WOLF – the Forest Protection Movement) we created T-shirts made of bio cotton. This way we have spread the awareness of the organisation's activities among our customers and fans. Part of the profit from selling bio cotton T-shirts went to the above-mentioned movement which protects Slovakia’s forests.

Rippovci from the town of Marianka, supply us with the handmade natural soaps which our customers immediately fell in love and which became an instant Christmas hit. The company is still quite small but are very intensive. In the last two months we have provided you with approximately 1500 bars of soap. This proves that the collaboration with local craftsmen is a worthy cause. We sell on 4 platforms therefore we are able to offer these products to people worldwide.

You + Us

We are here for a generation of people who care both about the quality of their clothing and the future of our planet. Are you one of them? Treat yourself to a Dedoles T-shirt which characterise you and put on a piece of nature.


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