Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance for us. But despite our best effort, your order may not be processed as you wished. In case you want to exchange or return the goods, please, proceed as follows:

  1. Fill in the return form attached below.
  2. Send us the goods by registered letter (not cash on delivery) including the return form. Please choose the correct address for return:
  • If you are from France, Belgium, Denmark or the Netherlands, send the goods for return at the following address:

Dedoles, s.r.o.
Leipzig Arcus Park
Torgauer Straße 231-233
04347 Leipzig


  • If you are from Slovenia, send the goods for return at the following address:

Dedoles, s.r.o.,

DPD Depo Maribor
Tržaška cesta 43, 
2000 Maribor


In case you don't know which address is the right one for you, please contact us at


We will notify you by e-mail upon receiving your goods. The way of processing your request will depend on the option you choose – refund or exchange:

  • If you choose a refund, the full amount of money for your order (excluding shipping costs) will be transferred to your bank account within 30 days. Please note that we return money only via bank transfer or Paypal (depending on how you paid for the order), not via postal money order.
  • If you choose an exchange, your new goods will be ordered from the external supplier that may take a few days. If we have the desired products in stock, we will dispatch them immediately. Shipping is free when replacing goods.


Return Policy

Only unused and unwashed goods can be returned. The product can be tried on, but the neccessary labels (bar codes, tags) mustn't be removed. Please, send us the goods by registered letter.

You can download and print the return form using the picture below. Please choose the correct return form according to the country you are from.

If a gift was part of the order, it must be sent with the returned goods. If the gift won‘t be returned, its value will be deducted from the refunded amount. It is not possible to make a claim for gifts.

A defect of the goods is not a change in the quality of the goods which:
- was incurred during the warranty period as a result of wear, incorrect use, inadequate or inappropriate treatment,
- is due to natural changes in the materials from which the goods are made,
- has been caused as a result of damage by the buyer or third party or other improper interference.



If you are from France, Belgium, Denmark or the Netherlands, please download the following return form:

If you are from Slovenia, please download the following return form: