Why Shop with Us?


10 Reasons Why Shop With Dedoles.com

1. We are not only a shop, we try to connect people with nature and make better society. Read more about our philosophy here.

2. Our T-shirts and sweatshirts have Oeko-Tex certificate, they are free of harmful chemicals and last long. Ecological are also the shopping bags made by brand ECOZZ - they are made from PET bottles.

3. Our goal is to satisfy all of our customers. If you're unsatisfied with anything, let us know and we will try to help you immediately.

4. If your T-shirt or hoodie doesn't fit properly, send it back and we will exchange it for a new one. You will not pay shipping for the second time. 

5. All our products are original. There are no fakes, replicas or imitations.

6. Free shipping with every order above 99€.

7. Check out our Facebook page. We alredy have 311 000 followers.

8. Our prices are unbeatable. If you find a better offer for one of our products, we'll give you a discount. Just contact us.

9. We constantly bring you new and unique products. Among the latest ones you can find Collection 2018, Rock and Metal Clothing as well as new leggings. You always have something new to look forward to. :-)

10. All customers receive a voucher with their order, which can be used on next visits to our website. There is never enough happiness and we hope our beautiful T-shirts help spread the positive vibe worldwide. :)