How Did the Sock Challenge 2020 Turn Out

Thank you for celebrating human uniqueness with us

Thanks to the Sock Challenge, we celebrate human individuality and uniqueness every year. It is associated with World Down Syndrome Day, which we celebrate every year on 21 March. As a sign of solidarity and raising awareness of Down syndrome, two different socks are worn during this day. 

You could also get involved by sharing your photos with different socks with a hashtag #sockchallenge and by buying Dedoles socks, because from each pair sold in March we donated financial contribution to support people with Down syndrome.

So how did this year's sock challenge turn out?

 we have collected €10,533 to companies that support people with Down syndrome.
 14,000+ people shared a photo on social networks with the hashtag #sockchallenge. 
 80,000+ people learned more about Down syndrome.
 10+ countries in Europe got involved in the sock challenge.

This year our goal was to collect €8,000. But thanks to you, who bought Good Mood Socks during March, we managed to collect up to €10,533. Thank you! 

And as we promised, we donate €8,000 to Down Syndrome Society in Slovakia. We will donate the remaining €2,533 to Down Syndrome International, an international company that associates and supports Down syndrome individuals and organizations around the world.
Once again, we organised a successful Sock Challenge, and it is only thanks to you - our customers. For this you deserve a huge THANK YOU. Let's support each other. Let's enjoy the little things. And continue to connect for a better tomorrow.

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