How Did the Sock Challenge 2021 Turn Out

The goal of the annual Sock Challenge is to support people with Down syndrome and raise awareness amongst the general public regarding this genetic disorder.

What we achieved through the Sock Challenge 2021:

  • We created informational websites in 14 language versions, which had almost 470,000 visitors.

  • Thanks to you, we have also collected €20,552.90 for the following organizations: Down Syndrome International, European Down Syndrome Association, and Slovakian Down Syndrome Association, which support people with Down syndrome and their families.

  • We donated 300 pairs of Dedoles socks to 11 organizations supporting people with Down syndrome.

  • More than 70 articles on the topic of Sock Challenge and people with Down syndrome were published in the media, reaching up to 11,233,000 people.

  • We have created 14 Facebook events in 14 European countries.

  • We have published 95 Facebook posts in 14 countries.

  • On Instagram, we have published 118 posts and stories in 7 countries.

  • We shared 6 videos on TikTok and 3 posts on Twitter.

  • More than 7,500 photos with the hashtag #SockChallenge were shared on social media.

  • Various organizations, celebrities, athletes, and influencers took part in this year's Sock Challenge.

We want to thank everyone who joined this year's Sock Challenge and supported people with Down syndrome and their families. We believe that these contributions will help with their social integration and allow them to live a fuller life.

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