Sock Mask

How to make a Dedoles face mask: Quick manual

Do you have a sock that doesn’t have a pair? Turn it into a colorful face mask! To make your new face mask, you will need the following: scissors, a needle, a thread, and two elastic bands.

1. Cut off the upper cuff, toe tips and heel of the sock.

2. Cut through the sock on the back side.

3. Now you have a rectangular piece of fabric. Sew necessary places together according to the picture.

4. Now place the elastic bands on the shorter edges of the rectangle. Fold the edge of the fabric over the elastic bands and loosely sew the fabric together.

*We recommend not to sew the elastic band on the fabric.

5. Voilá, your new Dedoles face mask is born!

Remember that prevention is important. Home-made face masks are a better alternative than not protecting yourself at all. If you decide to make a Dedoles face mask at home, don’t forget to share it with us on social networks!

Sending you lots of health and good mood,

Your Dedoles team

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