Heart for Children – supporting inclusive education

Promoting human uniqueness and inclusion are values we have always supported at Dedoles. It is essential that all children without distinction have equal access to education, ensuring a better future for them. That is why we have supported the Heart for Children project, which is dedicated to inclusive education for children with health and social disadvantages. Thanks to our financial contribution of €50,000, we were able to support 11 projects. They were focused on the training of teaching assistants with the aim of increasing their competences in an inclusive approach to education.

Inclusive education is lacking in many schools. At the same time, schools have limited capacity to run courses that are 'tailor-made' for TAs. Therefore, organisations have been asked to help schools to increase the expertise of TAs in inclusive learning.

By providing them with support and training, the competence and proficiency of assistants will be increased. These are important attributes that the demanding job of an assistant requires. Thanks to a practical guidance, they will know how to understand children's medical conditions or various forms of social disadvantage. Families will find support in them, a little bit of psychologist and a little bit of therapeutic or social educator. Most importantly, the assistants will be able to help children to integrate into the team.

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