Káčer on a Bike

The Káčer on a Bike event is based on the principle of a week-long cycling process, which is connected with raising funds for people who need help. Since 2014, Peter Káčer has traveled thousands of kilometers across Slovakia, visited hundreds of towns and villages and managed to raise more than a million euros for charity.

In 2021, we became a partner of this event, supporting it financially with €3,500 and Dedoles products that went to families in need.

The Dedoles team personally participated in one stage. On June 23, we started from Banská Bystrica, and then we crossed the 25 km long route to the finish in Poníky. We are very happy to be a partner of this event and support people with disabilities.

This website has been shut down.

However, you can still purchase Dedoles products from Amazon.de,
delivering to all countries in the European Union, the UK, and the USA.