Product Care

The Mountain

• Always turn your T-shirts inside out when washing them.

• Wash them at 30°C. This will protect the fastness of colours.

• Avoid using the dryer.

• Do not use bleaches or chemical agents while washing the T-shirts. Bleaching can cause their print to fade.

• T-Shirts do not require special ironing instructions.

T-Shirts may lose the colour during the first wash. It is a result of the T-shirts being tie-dyed. However, the colour runs of the dye and not the printing. We have a useful tip for colour fixation: soak the T-shirt in lukewarm water and add some vinegar. The vinegar should stabilize the dye and prevent the colour from fading.


For Best Results:

  • Machine wash with like colors in cold water before decorating and tumble drying. Do not use fabric softener.
  • Insert shirtboard or cardboard between layers of fabric.
  • Use Tulip Fabric Markers to decorate your Colorwear garment!
  • Shake the fabric marker before use.
  • No heat-setting needed! Simply color and wear. Machine washable after 24 hours.
  • Wash in warm water, gentle cycle with mild soap. Line dry. Do not dry clean.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Use #Colorwear to share your masterpiece with the world!

Mandala Blankets and Mandala Bedding

Practical advice:

  • wash the blanket thoroughly before the first use
  • wash the blanket separately at 30°C with a detergent for coloured linen
  • select a gentle spin programme
  • take the blanket out of the washing machine immediately and hang it up
  • iron the blanket using the cotton programme

Good hint to fix the colours: before the first use, soak the blanket in lukewarm water and add some vinegar that will stabilize the colours and prevent fading.


PU Leather Product Care

It is clearly specified on the label of each product, how it is advisable to wash it. The general recommendation is to clean the products made of PU leather with a damp cloth, sometimes in hands or in the washing machine using the hand-wash programme. You should always follow the information on the label of the specific product.

To remove the odor from the products made of PU leather, it is necessary to hang them out in the air and shade for 3-5 hours. The air will release the odor and your product will smell good again. In case of stronger odors, it is recommended to spray the inside of the product with a textile freshener and hang it out in the air or leave it in a reclosable sack for a few hours. Never spray the fresheners directly on the PU leather.

Iron the products made of PU leather through a towel or other thicker fabric using the weaker temperature programme and WITHOUT THE STEAM! Do not leave the iron on a one place for a long time, rather return to it later.