Tiny Forest

The Tiny Forest is a small grove of trees designated for teaching purposes. It has an area of about 100 to 200 m² (approximately the size of a tennis court) and is usually located inside the town or even in the school garden.

The project, which originated in the Netherlands, was brought to the Czech Republic by TEREZA Educational Center. The children plant the grove themselves, observe it, and learn not only about plants and nature. It becomes a peaceful place where students, as well as locals, can meet.

The TEREZA Educational Center provides schools with complete know-how to build their Tiny Forest in the form of publications, consultations, and presentations for teachers and students. At the same time, they help with planting.

Dedoles will support the project with 30,000 euros over the period of three years, which can help create at least 6 Tiny Forests.

Learn more about the project here: https://terezanet.cz/cz/les-ve-skole


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